Wapsie Valley High Rye Bourbon

Wapsie Valley High Rye Bourbon

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375 ML

Heirloom farm-to-bottle bourbon, using no genetically modified corns and the Wapsie Valley Corn varietal, plus a little bit of Barley and a higher Rye content than the original Wapsie Valley offering.

Showcasing the tangy, farm-house characteristics of the non-GMO Wapsie Valley heirloom corn varietal along with the bold peppery notes of a high rye content for a combination that is not for the faint of heart. This brazen whiskey could stand its ground to many spicier ryes while still embodying all the richness of a bourbon.

Distilled in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Tasting Notes:
• Nose: Sweet Corn, Spicy Cinnamon.
• Taste: Hazelnut, Caramel, Rye Spice.
• Finish: Tamarind, Sarsaparilla.


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